Explore Package

General description

This is a huge recommended adventure which is unique and unites few different adventures in one. It includes rafting, cliff jumping, snorkeling and hiking (hill climbing). Toboggan and swing rope are also included in this package.

This is a part of the river which altitude from start is more then 100 meters, lots of rapids and cliff diving points what makes this adventure unforgettable and different from all adventures in this region. If you want the best rafting experience, snorkeling in crystal clear water, jumping from cliffs (4-12 meters high) and hill climbing at the finish, this is the best adventure for you.

Detailed description

This part of river is sutted between Blato na Cetini and Zadvarje village and it is 9.5 km long, rapids are class 2-3 and biggest rapid is gorgeous 4 meter drop on half of the way surrounded with cliff which are from 40-150 meters in deep canyon.
Like in all our trips and adventures you will wear mandatory safety equipment which include PFD and helmets provided by European safety standard and also you will get optional equipment which include neopren shorts or neopren long john which depends of weather and time of year.
Every adventures start with safety talk of your guide who is obliged to show you how to wear and use equipment and how to act on river to avoid accidents
In 5-10 min of safety talk will be explaind you everything you should know about trip and safety on river and you are also able to ask to repeat if something is not clear to you.
Rafting starts with calm part where you can practice you paddling skills,even if you fail there will be guide close to you to show you how to do it propely.
There is few stop points where you can take rest,swim,cliff dive and all that with premission and aproval of guide.
At the end of rafting trip there is 10 minutes of hill climb and hiking with few greats view on all canyon where you pass away.

Basic information

Distance to cross: 9.5 km
Duration: 3 hours (sometime less sometimes more it depends of group)
Previous experience: not necessary
Phsycal condition: 2 (on scale 1-5)
Age: minimum age is 16
Tips: swimming suit,water shoes or jogger to wear into the water,towel.
Departure times: Every day 10:00 or 15:00
Price per person: 420 kn (55 E )
Price include: transfer from finish point to Blato na Cetini, raft and equipment rent and guide assistance and insurance.

Special terms

All equipment is certified.
All guides are registered in Croatian mountain rescue service.
Tour leader are guides at least with 5 years experience on river.
Active365 is able to cancel reservation in case of bad weather or higher level of water to avoid dangerous situation.